it’s important to do exactly what you want in occasion

i had a ‘real’ adventure today , it continues tomorrow and on into the week

i t’s ok

i cut a little piece of my fingertip off at work tonite, i think this is the shittiest condition i seen my hands in a long time
i feel fine, i can’t precisely stand to examine my injuries lately , tho

 no truth , or justice !

o yeah & FUCK purple star platinum too

i can’t stop fucking laughing ,

i can’t stop fucking laughing ,

FUCK this emerging trend of taking the ‘coolness’ of this particular subset of hard games that require practice and making them more ‘accessible’ to ‘everyone’
i can fear/respect anyone with a lot of authentic ‘skill’, in terms of games like stg, fite game, puzzle & rhythm games, this type of genre which can be played endlessly and improved upon in sole limit of your own interests/willpower, since it means they do have this type of unlimited sight of perfection. - in order from least to most vital it’s a combination of intuition, previous experience/knowledge, the ability to see and recognize new patterns & adapting after seeing it, & in the tippy top authentic dedication .. i don’t feel any ignorance or shame fearing anyone at all with these types of real authentic ass skills you shit heads

i took out the part i had added since i don’t need to justify my opinions about vidio game , the facts self-justify

if you fake it what’s the point

i have so many emotions about today. i feel, think so many seperate things in the last 24 hours

i seriously need to heed this omens
i can explain , i can see incredibly clearly

i said too much, i apologize .

i knew i seen it before

i’ll see you in hell , fucker !

i feel like a gang-star today